Thursday, March 1, 2007

Only Dead Sat Gurus and Dead Spiritual Gurus are Nice

If you have only a spiritual Guru who is dead such as Ramana Maharshi or Moses then you may be missing out on an accelerated path to enlightenment. A dead Guru can give you the rules but who really follows the rules graven in stone? Usually one places the rules on an altar and says, "Oh Holy Book of Rules, Please take me up to heaven!"

Only a live Guru can use those techniques which can flush out your internal problems into the light of day.

These techniques confuse the sub personalities and feed the soul personality.

As a matter of fact they make the sub personalities really angry!! Read "Are you angry Mr Sufi?" for more on this

Only a live Guru can do this and if it is not happening to you then you are probably living in a world of delusion.

Being touchy is having a low emotional IQ and is one of the symptoms of a split personality which is one of the symptoms of not being enlightened.

For example, one day an eighty year old student of Gurdjieff came to Osho to become enlightened. He had never met Gurdjieff, had just missed him when Gurdjieff died but had followed all the Gurdjieffian rules and practices for 40 years or more before coming to see Osho.

In his first talk with the old man present, Osho, who loved Gurdjieff, criticized a few things to do with Gurdjieff just to see the truth of the old man.

The old man was very offended and left the ashram immediately.

He missed!

He missed with Osho just as he had missed previously with Gurdjieff.

Indeed as Osho said, Gurdjieff did not suffer fools in front of him. He got really angry with them. As well as anger Gurdjieff used alcohol to flush out the sub personalities. In Vino Veritas – In wine, truth - such as when he performed his ceremony of the "toast to the idiots" with much vodka and old calvados.

And if this old student had met Gurdjieff he would have left him in the same way. Angry and pissed off!!

Only by seeing your faults directly can you heal them.

If you feel them you can heal them.
If you see them you can free them.

Having faults is one of the symptoms of not being enlightened. Everyone needs a Sat Guru unless their ego cannot be humble enough to take it.

In the past this function of fault finding, for example by Jesus Christ - An egotistical man can have as much chance as getting into heaven as a camel passing through the eye of a needle, - was the sole function of the Guru.

Now with advanced meditational techniques it is possible to speed up the function of grounding the ego with Energy Enhancement. The combination of fault finding with grounding the negative karmic mass attached to the fault is staggeringly quick at removing the selfish competitive ego.
The real Sat Guru shows us the example of soul fusion in daily life. Soul meaning the sole, the one sub personality-less Personality. Strong and Clear!

As the energy field, the Buddhafield of the Sat Guru drives out all the sub personalities in his students, this creates all the standard symptoms of Kundalini energy, physically, emotionally and mentally.

So, if you are not feeling Kundalini energy. If you are not getting all the spiritual symptoms associated with Spiritual Masters, then what is up?!!

The Buddhafield of the Master is his energy of compassion which speeds up the process of enlightenment. Instead of happy cows, chewing the cud, he creates strong personalities by harmony through conflict.

The grain of sand creating the pearl he mirrors your ego to show you your false self – some call this the path of blame.

Compassion is not sentimental or weak. Compassion is energy for the purpose of enlightenment which speeds up the evolutionary process. Creating a quantum leap in intelligence which is far beyond the simple IQ available to the average person.

A meeting with a Sat Guru, an enlightened master can create this in you, and if you have never experienced this, then you have never truly lived.

A spiritual master is sad with the failed processes of enlightenment in his students but it is their choice to leave him before the process of enlightenment can be completed.

It takes one to know one

The quality of the Buddhafield is not constrained
It droppeth as the gentle dew upon its place beneath.
It is twice blessed first by he who gives and then by he who receives.

So feeling anything in the presence of a spiritual master or guru is the first step on the path of enlightenment but only when the symptoms stop, can we be said to have succeeded.
A teacher is chosen but you do not choose a Sat Guru from the level of the mind so, why not meet the Sat Guru or Spiritual Master?

Because of your split artificial minds of Negative emotions and selfish ego which is controlling you. The sub personalities want to avoid anything which can throw them out of their home, your body, and so they control you and your emotions to keep you away from any genuine spiritual master.

The Sat Guru "channels the incidental cause of all evolution, the energy of the soul, which removes the samskaras or energy blockages as a farmer removes stones from the water course" – Yoga Sutras of Patanjali 4:3

The energy of the Buddhafield surrounding a Sat Guru forces all samskaras or energy blockages out into the light of day, showing the student the symptoms of their blockages which cause the student to be separate from the original cause the Purusha the Soul, as negative emotions and negative thoughts.As the Spiritual Guru notices the samskara or Energy Blockage caused pain of the student he sometimes chooses to remove the energy blockage through Meditation and Samyama – The Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process.

Only when the student can stay in the presence of the Spiritual Guru and absorb the energy of the Soul without any negative symptoms can the Student be said to have reached Enlightenment.