Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Point to note, because you have completed only two Levels of Energy Enhancement Meditation .. All your blockages are not gone!!

And you know how much you have benefited, and how many evil blockages you have removed whilst on the first part of the EE Meditation Course and in your meditations afterwards.

Therefore, you are in a much better state than before you met us.

And you are of high evolution, so you have many high possibilities, depending on what you choose to do in this lifetime.


We deal with some of your questions on Relationships below, and purify the blockages associated with them in Energy Enhancement Meditation Levels 3 and 4.

Our attitudes are informed by blockages so our thoughts are not neutral.

I can give the neutral point of view, but perhaps your blockages might argue.

But I would like to give you this information...

Gurdjieff said, "If there had been two things like sex and relationships, I would never have become Enlightened."

The Mastery of Relationships is what we teach in EE Meditation Levels 3 and 4.

We have negative energy and karma between us and all our relationships because of what we have done to each other in all our previous lifetimes together.

Mastery means we have forgiven everyone. All the negative energy between us and our RELATIONSHIP "friends" has been grounded by EE Meditation.

But we realize that our Dharma, Our Soul path, the task we are meant to do in this lifetime is sometimes not compatible with these previous relationships.

Our Dharma, as we become Enlightened through EE meditation becomes most important.

Because of their attitudes, and their dharma. They perhaps our present relationships can not help us.

So we start to look at this point intellectually. Apart from the love, apart from the sex which is normal and good.

Do they really want to help us on our path? How much do they want to help us? When they have been tested by bad things happening in our lives, have they stuck the course? Are they loyal? Are they good?

Do you want to help them on their path? Do you agree with their path. Is it a good path? How much do you want to help? When you have been tested have you stuck the course?

You need to look into the hierarchy of needs by Maslow online. He talked about the height of soul path. Some paths are higher than others. This I talk about in my EE E book online.

As you lose blockages so you will naturally gravitate to a higher soul path with more heart, and so will your relationships.

Sex and the Mastery of Relationships

Sex is to create babies and creating babies is one of the legitimate lower paths of life and very very necessary.

God has therefore made this path very enjoyable and perhaps addictive. We need to see this intellectually.

The joy comes from the sharing of energies through the lower chakras and its method is the same as we use to heal people and give them energy.

So really necessary to know this subject thoroughly.

PRACTISE a lot yet know the perils of desire.

The Mastery of Relationships starts with seeing this desire energy and starting to work with it.

It can only be mastered by a higher soul path and further opening the heart..

We also need to master jealousy, only wanting the benefit of the other.

Understanding that mastering this sexual, kundalini connection energy into the base chakra from another person is a psychic power and is under the control of a sub personality, usually childish, and usually promiscuous or filled with fear.

This sub-personality can be healed and integrated and the psychic power of connection brought totally under our control through EE Meditations.

Usually though, the childish sub-personality in charge decides who we connect to and how good the sex is.

The connection continues after the sex and can continue at any distance until they or you meet someone else to connect to.

And the other person, your partner, has this sub personality also.

So to get two childish sub-personalities to agree to have good sex is very difficult, and more so with time in any relationship.

Understanding this deeply and healing and mastering connections is what Energy Enhancement Meditation Levels 3 and 4, The Mastery of Relationships, is about!!

It is the only way to create Lasting Incredible Relationships!!

All for now.

Lots of Love,


Sunday, December 10, 2006




The Karma Clearing
Process begins with the removal of all Energy Blockages from the energetic
system of a human being. Wilhelm Reich called it the Emotional Armor. These are
the little stiffnesses which cause us so much pain in massage.

 Energy Blockages
exist in the mental, emotional and physical bodies... Even in the spiritual

Energy Blockages
split us so as we remove them through advanced and effective
techniques so we become more integrated, more solid.

Removing energy
blockages from our spiritual bodies will allow us to access our hearts and our
conscience, it will allow us to access our soul, our soul path in life, without
which life has no meaning.

Removing energy
blockages from the mind, the mental body, allows more energy to flow, we become
more brilliant. Our minds become clear, our IQ increases and more.. We obtain
the power of persistence which enables us to accomplish anything!

Removing energy
blockages from the emotions allows more energy to flow, we become more stable.
Our emotions become clear, our emotional IQ increases and more.. We obtain the
power of having only positive emotions which enables us to radiate love, the
energy of change and to access the will!

Removing energy
blockages from the body allows more energy to flow, we become more energetic.
Our bodies become clear of disease and pain, our energy increases and more.. We
obtain the power of flexibility and strength which enables us to live longer and
with more pleasure, more quality of life!

And what is that uneasiness within?

Just what is that tension which we find inside?

It is pure spiritual energy which has somehow become perverted by painful
traumatic experience. It is energy which has been transmuted by some painful experience
into pain, that encapsulated pain which we hold inside us or absorb from people
and places on this planet. It is  energy blockages which makes us feel uneasy
and tense.

All the pain caused negative energy blockages which we hold inside are called
the selfish competitive ego.

And because we all have been painfully perverting this pure spiritual energy into
encapsulated negative energy or energy blockages for thousands of years, this world is filled with that perverted
negative energy as energy blockages which we absorb from everything around us.

It is that pain and tension inside, those energy blockages which causes us to do all the bad things in
this world.
It is that pain and tension inside, those energy blockages which causes all the bad things in
this world to happen to us, we call the bad things to us. We are accidents
waiting to happen. This is karma.

Body stiffness, niggles and pain cause Illness and disease.

Negative emotions,
mood swings, wrong thinking, jealousy, prejudice, hatred, anger, fear are all
caused perverted spiritual energy encapsulated as energy blockages.

Splitnesses in the
mind, blocked minds, unclear and plain wrong thinking. Mind solutions caused by
selfishly wanting to gain something to the detriment of someone else. If we have a lot of these
negative energy blockages within ourselves it will cause us to give up easily, a
lack of energy, a lack of goodness and heart and soul. The "Mind filled manacles
of fear" as said Blake.

It will cause us to
lose our trust and our faith in the essential goodness of people and our teachers. We will project
all our negativity onto them and begin to see them through the dark glasses of
our negative experiences. Through the darkness of the negative energy which we
hold inside.

We create this negative energy inside. And as we evolve we gain the ability to
absorb more of this negativity from the people around us and from our surroundings.
We gain the power to hold on to more of this negativity without being affected
by it. However, the straw that broke the camels back always comes. At this point
we become open to wanting to know how to remove and transmute energy blockages.
How to change negative energy into pure positive spiritual energy again.

When we enter into the Buddhafield
of Energy which surrounds the enlightened we start to lose this Negative energy
from inside us.

Because an enlightened master has the ability radiate pure positive spiritual
energy as well as to absorb and transmute this
negative energy back into pure spiritual energy. And a
spiral of transmutation, a column of pure transmutation, the
Buddhafield, surrounds him
and enters into his surroundings.

As you people upon the verge of enlightenment walk around, as well as creating
your own negative energy, you absorb likewise the negative energies of people
and places. The symptoms of this are your illnesses, your negative emotions of
anger and fear, your mood swings and your feelings of negativity.

The only difference between you people on the verge of enlightenment and a
master is that a master knows how to transmute the energy he absorbs. And thus
he is surrounded by peace and harmony instead of more and more pain and

He does not curse the
darkness. Instead he lights a candle.

The only difference between you and a master is that a master knows how to teach
you how to transmute this negative energy into harmonious spiritual energy, and
thus place you on the path of peace and harmony, the path of enlightenment

He only needs to teach you how to look at the negative energy. He only needs to
teach you how to see it and deal with it. Because anything else is painful. And
will cause you to do more painful things. Because this negative energy is Karma

And all spiritual masters are not affected by Karma and indeed have no Karma. Because they have the
psychic ability to transmute all karma into pure spiritual energy. And this pure
spiritual energy builds up in them and is added to by their masters when they
die. So that they are rich because they have a large bank balance of Pure
positive spiritual energy to spend on their students.

Because the first stage is the access to purity by transmuting all the pain,
which travels with us from lifetime to lifetime and grows more and more each
lifetime because like calls to like, inside. To he that has, more will be given,
said the Christ.

So we need to learn how to go against this law of the gaining of karma and
negative energy and energy blockages by understanding and using the grounding of negative energies, the Third
Initiation of Energy Enhancement.

And then the second part comes. Once we have transmuted this negativity inside
to a certain degree, it then becomes possible to absorb more positive spiritual
energy from the masters bank balance.

The Master can send it to you with a glance. We absorb energy from the Master.
The Hindus like Ramana Maharshi call it the Uppadesa or the Initiation of the Master, and it is said
to come by glance, by touch, or in silence.

Until we learn how to do it for ourselves from the Universe.

And once you start transmuting negative energy by using the techniques of Energy
Enhancement every day. Once you start to access your inner purity… To he that
has not, it will all be taken away, said the Christ. Yes, all the negativity
will be taken away.

And this is the Real Initiation or in the Zen Phrase, Satori. And after many
Satoris, you then eventually become in the Hindu Phrase, Twice Born, in the Sufi
Phrase, a Made Man, You have made your Bones.




All with a glance.

All with learning how to open our eyes.

All with the gaining of Psychic Vision.

All with Energy Enhancement.

In 14 Initiations over 4 weeks


We search for those of you on the verge of Enlightenment to come on the Course of
Energy Enhancement. You know who you are because already you are going through
the processes described above.

You are the people who have no other choice but to absorb negativity and die, or
learn how to transmute it and learn how to Live. Because this knowledge is more
important than life and death. It is for those of you who want to attain a Soul.

Love and Light,



Thursday, December 7, 2006


"An example of one of the different types of Energy Blockage is that they are sometimes created when we do not get what we expect, or we get what we do not want.
They are caused by the pain of disappointment.
Like when our Mother or Father or Son or Daughter dies. Like when a Lover leaves us.
This trauma, this pain is so strong that at that moment the mind can not look at it, so it gets locked away within the body until we get strong enough to process it.
Then amnesia.
We forget the pain fulminating in our bodies.
We forget the poison until, after a while, disease is the result."



If you have behaviour or behavior difficulties and find something like the Energy Enhancement Seven Step Process which can entirely eliminate them, then this has got to be a step forward.

Just bathing in the light of the soul is not enough.

These sub-personality nodules are protected, tough, and filled with negative karmic mass. We need to know more about their construction and then effective techniques to breach and ground them.

Even then it is not easy.

But it does work!