Wednesday, December 20, 2006



Point to note, because you have completed only two Levels of Energy Enhancement Meditation .. All your blockages are not gone!!

And you know how much you have benefited, and how many evil blockages you have removed whilst on the first part of the EE Meditation Course and in your meditations afterwards.

Therefore, you are in a much better state than before you met us.

And you are of high evolution, so you have many high possibilities, depending on what you choose to do in this lifetime.


We deal with some of your questions on Relationships below, and purify the blockages associated with them in Energy Enhancement Meditation Levels 3 and 4.

Our attitudes are informed by blockages so our thoughts are not neutral.

I can give the neutral point of view, but perhaps your blockages might argue.

But I would like to give you this information...

Gurdjieff said, "If there had been two things like sex and relationships, I would never have become Enlightened."

The Mastery of Relationships is what we teach in EE Meditation Levels 3 and 4.

We have negative energy and karma between us and all our relationships because of what we have done to each other in all our previous lifetimes together.

Mastery means we have forgiven everyone. All the negative energy between us and our RELATIONSHIP "friends" has been grounded by EE Meditation.

But we realize that our Dharma, Our Soul path, the task we are meant to do in this lifetime is sometimes not compatible with these previous relationships.

Our Dharma, as we become Enlightened through EE meditation becomes most important.

Because of their attitudes, and their dharma. They perhaps our present relationships can not help us.

So we start to look at this point intellectually. Apart from the love, apart from the sex which is normal and good.

Do they really want to help us on our path? How much do they want to help us? When they have been tested by bad things happening in our lives, have they stuck the course? Are they loyal? Are they good?

Do you want to help them on their path? Do you agree with their path. Is it a good path? How much do you want to help? When you have been tested have you stuck the course?

You need to look into the hierarchy of needs by Maslow online. He talked about the height of soul path. Some paths are higher than others. This I talk about in my EE E book online.

As you lose blockages so you will naturally gravitate to a higher soul path with more heart, and so will your relationships.

Sex and the Mastery of Relationships

Sex is to create babies and creating babies is one of the legitimate lower paths of life and very very necessary.

God has therefore made this path very enjoyable and perhaps addictive. We need to see this intellectually.

The joy comes from the sharing of energies through the lower chakras and its method is the same as we use to heal people and give them energy.

So really necessary to know this subject thoroughly.

PRACTISE a lot yet know the perils of desire.

The Mastery of Relationships starts with seeing this desire energy and starting to work with it.

It can only be mastered by a higher soul path and further opening the heart..

We also need to master jealousy, only wanting the benefit of the other.

Understanding that mastering this sexual, kundalini connection energy into the base chakra from another person is a psychic power and is under the control of a sub personality, usually childish, and usually promiscuous or filled with fear.

This sub-personality can be healed and integrated and the psychic power of connection brought totally under our control through EE Meditations.

Usually though, the childish sub-personality in charge decides who we connect to and how good the sex is.

The connection continues after the sex and can continue at any distance until they or you meet someone else to connect to.

And the other person, your partner, has this sub personality also.

So to get two childish sub-personalities to agree to have good sex is very difficult, and more so with time in any relationship.

Understanding this deeply and healing and mastering connections is what Energy Enhancement Meditation Levels 3 and 4, The Mastery of Relationships, is about!!

It is the only way to create Lasting Incredible Relationships!!

All for now.

Lots of Love,