Saturday, August 10, 2013

Energy Enhancement and the Transpersonal Chakras

ENERGY ENHANCEMENT AND THE TRANSPERSONAL CHAKRAS, EXTERNAL CHAKRAS, THE CHAKRAS ABOVE THE HEAD, ABOVE SAHASRARA, THE OUTER CHAKRAS, THE ASCENSION CHAKRAS, BLOCKED BY IMPLANT, CONTROL, VAMPIRE, ADDICTION, ENERGY BLOCKAGES There used to be a scientific belief that the observer and the observed - the pairs of chakras from God in the Center of the Universe to the Center of the Earth - were two separate entities. Quantum Physics changed this belief by proving that the observer and the observed are in fact one experience. Thus there is no separation of a little self and the higher self existing within the chakras above the head and the observable Universe. The chakra of Heaven and the chakra of Earth are connected by the Column of Energy called the Antahkarana - in fact they are all one structure. There is in fact only Self – Total Unity within the appearances of diversity that occur in the small area of the Self that we can call The Creation. The individual – body, heart (emotio