Wednesday, May 18, 2011



The word “Antahkarana” translates as ‘bridge’ from the Tibetan language , and describes the ‘line of communication’ or the Energy Thread that is gradually constructed from a being from Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the earth through the personality to the Chakras above the head beyond Monad or Source.

Opening the way for the Antahkarana creative energies to flow down from the various levels of consciousness of the Chakras above the Head, one becomes this multi-spectrum stream Antahkarana and ultimately can direct the integrated energies toward the illumination of humanity as a whole.

Each chakra is a processor in the Human Multi-Processor Computer. As we connect with the Chakras of the Universe from the Kundalini Chakra in the Center of the earth through the Seven normal Chakras of a Human bodies to the Infinity of Chakras above the head - so the Power of the Human Mind increases exponentially through Illumination and Enlightenment towards Cosmic Consciousness.

We may think of the Antahkarana as a ‘rainbow bridge’ composed of a seven-fold spectrum of dimensionalized forces which must be brought into perfect alignment and focus in order to fulfill our inherent Spiritual Purpose. As we vibrate to these energies, we become consciously attuned to the planetary, solar, and universal Logos (Intelligence) and serve the ultimate plan of uniting All Creation through our Being.

As living beings, we are the culminating manifestation of the Divine Feminine and Masculine. When we come together, the Force of Our Love is the power that creates and transfigures us back to the Supreme Godhead. Many call the full Mastered Embodiment of our Awareness the “Christ Consciousness”, with the understanding that Jeshua the Christ was a supreme example of our Consiousness Potential. As such, this image may represent Jeshua and his Divine Counterpart Mary Magdalene anchoring the Divine Force of God through their beings and establishing the ‘Antahkarana Bridge’ through the Planetary, Solar, and Universal Logos. On a more general level, the image represents any person or Divine Couple opening the Chalice within their Being to receive the Divine and be transfigured into their Angelic or Higher Self in the process.

Twelve candles surround the couple , creating a perfect geometry of Light and Cohesion for their ‘prayeremony.’ Like the Ida and Pingala (feminine and masculine forces) spiraling up the Antahkarana Sushumna Current of the Spine, their light weaves around the Earth, Sun, and beyond to the Collective Universal Consciousness represented here by the many faces of Ascended Celestial Beings. Together they are dreaming and being Dreamed by the Omnicentric Fractal GodSource, the Jeweled Center of Creation. Antahkarana Pillars of Light and Force flanking the left and right recede toward infinity: these represent the Cosmic Architecture and Sacred Powers that hold Creation together.

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